Eminent Educationists

Deepa Kumar

Ms. Deepa Kumar is an eminent educationist and philanthropist. She is an alumni of Queen Mary's School, New Delhi, as well as Miranda House, Delhi University.

She has done her post graduation in school leadership as well as masters in education. She carries on a strong belief that a good educator has to be generous, considerate, compassionate, talented and insightful and be an excellent human being.

She is not just a visionary educationist, but also an avowed student who is a voracious reader. Her valuable insights as an analyst, researcher and critic have been responsible for the development of a whole gamut of progressive schools.

She has created schools of premium value to students and community. Maxfort School, Dwarka in New Delhi and The Maurya School in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, are testimony to her zeal and dedication.

Her mentoring influence has also resulted in creation of progressive educational institutions in places like Beawar in Rajasthan and Adimali in Kerala. Her philanthropic activities have led to the creation of extremely successful and respected institution in Roorkee, Uttaranchal.

Dr. V.S. Ravindran

Dr. V.S. Ravindran has been involved in training of people in leadership positions in educational institutions, corporate and government organizations for more than two decades. His major area of expertise is leadership development, counsellor training and teacher education. He mentors the guidance and counselling cell at Maxfort School Dwarka. He trains teachers and students and also gives positive directions to parents. Presently he is the Director-General of ICTRC. Apart from this Dr. Ravindran is also associated with many other organizations.

Dr. Ravindran's contributions are not limited to educational institutions only. He is also associated with corporate houses like NTPC, IOC, Maruti to name a few.

He did a commendable job in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Under severe disturbances, on the invitation of the Government he visited various parts of the state to address and guide youth and strengthened the hands of the government in their fight against terrorism.

Dr. V.K. Gautam

Education in today's world is the one quality which will define a nation. It is the amalgamation of multifarious qualities which together constitute education. In this process school is the first stepping stone to learning. It is here that a child imbibes all the values combined with a sound knowledge which equip her/him with all the pre-requisites to accept all the challenges of life with confidence and a smile. A good education ensures that a child is able to hold her/his self esteem high and rub shoulders with the best of people. It is with this aim that we laid the foundation stone of Maxfort School, Dwarka. It has been nurtured as a place that will bring the best practices in the field of education to the community living here. It is being developed as the institution which brings out the best in all its students so that they truly put this sub-city on the world map of movers and shakers. To this I stand committed and will ensure that the committed faculty that we have brought here not just empowers students but also turns them into thinking individuals.Looking forward to your encouragement and partnership in this shared journey of learning.