'A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step’ Chinese Proverb

Our Visionaries

Mr. Satish Narang

Education in today's world is the one quality which will define a nation. It is the amalgamation of multifarious qualities which together constitute education. In this process school is the first stepping stone to learning. It is here that a child imbibes all the values combined with a sound knowledge which equip her/him with all the pre-requisites to accept all the challenges of life with confidence and a smile. A good education ensures that a child is able to hold her/his self esteem high and rub shoulders with the best of people. It is with this aim that we laid the foundation stone of Maxfort School, Dwarka. It has been nurtured as a place that will bring the best practices in the field of education to the community living here. It is being developed as the institution which brings out the best in all its students so that they truly put this sub-city on the world map of movers and shakers. To this I stand committed and will ensure that the committed faculty that we have brought here not just empowers students but also turns them into thinking individuals.Looking forward to your encouragement and partnership in this shared journey of learning.

Mr. Raj Paul Narang

Carrying forward the strong belief “Education is not the preparation for life, but education is life itself”, we are investing our time and energies to ensure that there is a valuable legacy left for the community. Today the education is not only about academic excellence but overall personality development of a child. This thought is the core foundation on which Maxfort School, Dwarka has been established. We ensure that a child studying in our school is ready to face the challenges of life when she/he steps into the outside world. The school provides an environment for the child to learn and grow. We work in tandem with the parents and as a team we work together for the holistic development of every child who comes to our school. I hereby assure that the school will be a challenging yet nurturing environment for each one of the students whom we are entrusted with.

Mr. Naveen Narang

Mr. Naveen Narang, a Delhi University alumni, is an entrepreneur who is strongly rooted in traditions and conventions but also has a very modern and positive outlook. Hailing from a business family with strong interests in finance and real estate, he has succeeded in setting global benchmarks through his many companies. An entrepreneur of repute, Mr. Naveen Narang is now taking the educational philosophy to new heights as the Chairman of Maxfort School, Dwarka. Through the school, he is consciously striving towards fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of his father to leave a strong legacy in the field of education for the coming generations. Maxfort School Dwarka is a premier educational institution providing progressive education by striking a balance between the modern outlook and traditional values. His educational philosophy rests upon the belief of empowering the students in today’s highly competitive world and the school’s motto ‘Empowering Life’ conforms with his vision. Under his able guidance, the organization is striving towards fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the society.